Tuesday, 31 January 2012

my bloody valentines.... commission.

I am not very good at mushy, sentimental design so when commissioned to produce something for a valentines day promotion with the specification "something with hearts and cherubs and stuff, you know, like valentines cards" I was not thrilled. Below is what I came up with, which despite not being to my taste at all the client loves it. lol. I don't think I am going to win any design awards with it though!

On a side note I have set up my old record player in my office and have been dusting off the old vinyl. There is something really pleasing about a record as opposed to digital media, I think it may become a permanent feature. Now I have to resist the urge to take it apart!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Sometimes, just sometimes, the answer is just 'because'.

Congratulations, Shelves and Ubuntu.

First up - Congratulations to msraynsford for making his 100th consecutive day of lasering something and blogging about it! I have managed about 10 in that time, and they were a lot less interesting! lol.

I decided today that I needed a shelf in my "office/workshop" (ie gap between the shelves). As I only have on actual wall I had to hang it from the back of the industrial racking with custom made shelf brackets - To the laser!.

Made from 4mm laser ply I am not sure how long they will last (4mm not enough, 8mm too much) but they are functional for the weight of stuff I need to add. I will re-cut them when I get something thicker to cut them out of.  For some reason I tried to make them look pretty with flowers on but I don't think I will bother next time, I am not really a floral kind of guy.

On a side note I have set up an Ubuntu One account, dull in itself, but it has had an interesting side effect. I have installed the app on my android phone that automatically uploads photos when I take them and the software on my PC to sync the online folder. This means that I now have my photos from my phone on my PC in about one minute automatically. No more messing with cables etc and copying or setting up software to sync. It really has made writing a blog so much simpler - snap, insert, post - done! (FYI - I have been boring a lot of people about this recently and have been banned from talking about it, hence the post. lol)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dump Truck

Inspired by Martin's Mini Digger I made a dump truck for my son. Taking a different approach to normal it is made from glued slices of 4mm Ply with 3mm steel axles. The wheels press fit on to the axles and the bucket is hinged on the rear axle. My son has now decided I have to make more construction vehicles, the first one being a tractor (more farm yard but never mind!). Will upload the files when I get a chance to thiniverse

Here is the tractor - I will get these up on thingiverse soon.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Trade work & cars

Luckily I have been producing a lot of trade and commission work recently which is great for me but means I haven't been able to put anything up. Hopefully I will get more time to mess about soon!

For Christmas my wife very kindly got me an Acme Racing Raptor 1/10 Truggy radio controlled car kit which turned out had a load of bits missing, most of those have been sent by the manufacturer. Unfortunately I still don't have the turn-buckles for the back wheels or body clips. After a number of frustrating emails I have decided to find a solution. The body clips were a £2 fix from The Model Shop Northampton (they are not on their online store unfortunately) but the turn-buckles have proved a little more tricky. Luckily I have discovered that M4 Threaded bar, at £1.45 for a metre from B&Q, is a perfect replacement! The only issue is that is not reverse threaded on one end so you have to undo one end to adjust it - not too much of a problem on an RC car.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to work

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Right, that's Christmas over with, back to work!

Project one of the year, Jewelry / trinket boxes. Cut from 3mm acrylic of various colours with engraving if required. Currently only available via eBay - eBay.co.uk.

Project two - productising (I do hate that word) our range for Braunston Ltd. This should include awards, plaques and signs as well as paper and board cutting. I will post a link to their website when it is up and running.

Project three - working out what projects four and above should be.

Should be a good year. :)